Red, White & Blue Balloon Rally at Letchworth State Park

Start Date: May 24, 2019 6:30pm
End Date:

Archery Field, Letchworth State Park. 

Contact Phone: 585-493-3600

Six massed balloon flights of approximately 25 beautiful hot air balloons taking off from the Archery Field Overlook, near the Castile Entrance to Letchworth State Park.  The schedule of events are:

  • Friday: 6:30pm Balloon launch
  • Saturday Morning: 6am Balloon launch
  • Saturday night: 5pm Skydiving demo, 6:30pm Balloon launch
  • Sunday Morning: 6am Balloon launch
  • Sunday night: 5pm Skydiving demo, 6:30pm Balloon launch
  • Monday Morning: 6am Balloon launch

To book a ride during the festival, contact 585-493-3340. 

**Events are subject to favorable wind and weather conditions. All flight decisions are made on the field just prior to scheduled launch time**



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