Solar Eclipse Package: Charcoal Corral & Silver Lake Twin Drive-In

Start Date: April 6, 2024 12:00am
End Date:

Charcol Corral and Silver Lake Twin Drive-In
7037 Chapman Ave.,
Perry, NY 

Contact Phone: 585-237-5270


  • Charcoal Corral - Eclipse Camping Event
    • Charcoal Corral, 7037 Chapman Ave., Perry, NY 
    • Overnight Camping Available for the Nights of April 6th and 7th (campers & tents welcome)
    • Saturday and Sunday Evenings: Free Space Themed Movies for All Campers at the Drive-In 
    • Live Music on April 7th (weather permitting). Musicians are TBA
    • Up to Four Free Pairs of Glasses for All Camping Vehicles
    • Live Streamed Eclipse Viewing on the Movie Screen in the Event of Cloudy Weather
    • Selections of Local Brewery Beer and Hard Cider (Weather Permitting)
    • 24/7 Bathrooms Will be Available & Security Throughout the Evening
    • Other amenities include:
      • Charcoal Corral Restaurant, Corral Pizzeria, and Corral Deluxe Ice Cream Parlor Featuring Eclipse Themed Specials
      • Breakfast Items Available Sunday and Monday (7:30am-10:30am)
      • Family Video Arcade
      • 18 Hole Championship Miniature Golf Course Featuring Moon Glow Golf and Corral Mining Co. 
    • Click here for more details and to register!


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