The Wyoming County Chamber & Tourism wants to know if you have a barn quilt, and if you would be interested in having that quilt be part of a Wyoming County Barn Quilt Trail. Barn quilts are painted quilt squares, usually fashioned on boards and then mounted on a barn or other building. The pattern for a particular barn quilt is often a replica of a quilt that resides on the property or honors a love one, or a pattern which is appealing to its owners.


“The popularity of barn quilts and Barn Quilt Trails has grown dramatically over the past few years,” said Meghan Lawton, Vice President of Tourism & Marketing for the Chamber. “Based on the success of the current trail in LeRoy, the knowledge of quilts already up throughout Wyoming County, and the Rural Arts Initiative currently underway in Wyoming County, we thought now would be a great time to create an organized trail here.” 


The Chamber, working in conjunction with Cornell Cooperative Extension and local business Quilts for the Barn, is seeking information from anyone interested in having their barn quilt as part of the trail. The number one criteria for trail inclusion is that the barn quilt must be visible from the road, as the trail will be a self-driving tour. Participants must then be willing to have their quilt listed in an official trail brochure, and marketing to the visiting public. Quilts do not specifically need to be on a barn to be included; businesses with quilts on their building are welcome to participate, as are those mounted on poles in the yard.


If your home or business currently has a barn quilt and would like to be included in the trail, please email the Chamber directly at with the address of the barn quilt, if it is visible from the road, your contact information, and a photo of the quilt. The initiative is currently searching for barn quilts that are already in place, however, if your home or business would like to have a barn quilt made, please contact the Chamber for more information at 585-237-0230.