Even though I work in tourism for Wyoming County, and visit these attractions almost on a daily basis for work, I thoroughly enjoy getting the chance to experience one of our attractions from a “tourist” point of view. Last weekend I had the opportunity to do just that when I spent an evening at the Charcoal Corral and Silver Lake Twin Drive-In.

I can sum up the evening in four short words: I love the drive-in. From our arrival on the grounds, to the end of the movie, everything about the evening was fun and enjoyable. The Corral offers something that most other places can not – a full service family-fun experience. I have been going to the drive-in since I was a little girl. In fact, I never saw a movie in a real theater until I was well into my college years. Even with all of those past experiences, I was blown away by what the Corral offered.

We arrived for our double feature (only $8 per person!) about an hour and a half before the first movie was to start. We drove around Screen 2 and staked out what we believed to be the best parking spot (left of the screen, two rows back) and made our way up to the Corral itself to grab a bite to eat and kill a little time before the show. One of my favorite things about the Corral is all the options. While the drive-in itself has a snack bar, patrons can walk just a couple steps farther and choose from a wide range of food items: full grill, pizza parlor, ice cream parlor, even a sit-down restaurant! While there are healthy options for those that are interested, I decided to forgo my “healthy eating” lifestyle for the night and go straight for an ice cream sundae. Delicious!

By this time it was getting close to the start of our first movie so we had to head back to the car. However, there was still more to experience, including the mini-golf, so be sure to include additional time to do so. It being a beautiful late spring evening, we started out for the first movie in lawn chairs in front of our vehicle. As this was the first night of new movies, the lot was almost full, however, there was no crowding between cars and my date and I were able to enjoy the movie, talk to each other, and we never felt intruded upon by any of the other attendees.

The second movie we spent inside the car, as it was starting to get cool by then (it was about 11:30pm when the second feature started). There is something so fun and exciting about watching a movie on the big screen, curled up under a blanket in your car. It always fills me with such magic, wonder and a sense of adventure – who ever thinks that they would get to watch movies outside, or in their car? Again, it goes back to my childhood; we used to always go to the drive-in. I’d spend the evening in my pajamas, in the back of the truck with pillows and my blankie, and usually fall asleep before the second movie even began. They are childhood memories that I treasure, and having the Corral here in Wyoming County allows me to feel that way again.

All in all, the evening was great. I thoroughly enjoyed being a “tourist” and highly recommend an evening at the Corral to everyone from a family looking for fun for all, to a couple in their late 20s looking for a fun and unique date night. Personally, I can’t wait to go back. 

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