Tourism is big business for Wyoming County and the state’s recent tourism report backs it up with solid and exciting numbers. Wyoming County’s tourism program continues to build on the momentum of previous successes by reaching out to more visitors with new promotions, targeted marketing, and strong partnerships.

According to the state’s recently released data from Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, New York State’s tourism economy expanded in 2016 with 2.7% growth in traveler spending, reaching a new high of nearly $65 billion—22% above the state’s pre-recession peak set in 2008. Tourism in the Greater Niagara region is a $2.5 billion industry, and that holds true for Wyoming County, which falls within the Greater Niagara region.

“I would like to recognize the tourism businesses across Wyoming County who have invested and work tirelessly to grow their businesses. I would also applaud the effort of the staff and board of directors who put together a strong tourism program for our County,” said Scott Gardner, President and CEO of the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce. “We must also recognize state leaders for continuing to wisely invest in New York’s tourism as an economic development and thank the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors for continuing to support our efforts to strengthen the tourism sector in Wyoming County.”

The new report shows that Wyoming County’s tourism impact is up 6.3% representing $43.8 million in traveler spending up over 2015 levels. Wyoming County is also the second highest in terms of growth in the Greater Niagara region. Travelers are spending in several categories with Food and Beverage at $12.1 million leading the way, then second homes at $10.7 million, retails sales at $7.2 million, recreation at $6.9 million, lodging at $5.2 million and transportation at $1.6 million.

“The state’s report is great news for Wyoming County and reflects all of the hard work that our tourism partners put in every day and each season. From beautiful and award winning Letchworth State Park to our outstanding restaurants, attractions, and landscapes, Wyoming County really is a great place to recreate,” said Eric Szucs, Director of Tourism and Marketing at the Wyoming County Chamber and Tourism office. “It is awesome when the data reflects what we all know about Wyoming County. We love to tell the story and welcome visitors from across the globe to experience all that we have to offer.”

The report also details the effect of tourism on employment and shows that between direct, indirect and induced, Wyoming County’s total labor income is $21.4 million. Further, the impact of tourism on the Wyoming County tax base is very important. Between state and local taxes generated from tourism, Wyoming County is collecting $5.25 million, which translates to savings for county taxpayers. Were it not for tourism-generated state and local taxes, the average household in Wyoming County would have to pay an additional $338 per year to maintain the same level of government revenue. For the Greater Niagara region, that number jumps to $599 per household on average.  

Tourism Economics, headquartered in Philadelphia, is an Oxford Economics company dedicated to providing high value, robust, and relevant analyses of the tourism sector that reflects the dynamics of local and global economies. By combining quantitative methods with industry knowledge, Tourism Economics designs custom market strategies, project feasibility analysis, tourism forecasting models, tourism policy analysis, and economic impact studies. Oxford Economics is one of the world’s leading providers of economic analysis, forecasts and consulting advice.

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