To celebrate Travel and Tourism Week 2018, the Wyoming County Chamber & Tourism office held an “I Love Wyoming County” Testimonial contest during the month of May. Participants were encouraged to provide up to 500 words sharing their favorite Wyoming County stories, recommendations, suggestions and adventures.

This contest was designed to get thoughtful stories from real people with real experiences. Word-of-mouth recommendations are an important advertising and promotion resource, similar to reviews on Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.

These testimonials can be shared on social media, our tourism website and through other marketing and promotional outlets with tourists who are traveling through our community looking for hidden gems, interesting locations and unique experiences.

“We’re excited to read the many great things people had to say about Wyoming County,” said Eric Szucs, Director of Tourism & Marketing at the Wyoming County Chamber & Tourism “What surprised and delighted us was the number of stories folks had about our “foodie” culture – and how they enjoyed sharing it with family, friends and complete strangers. It’s true what they say, the “power of food makes friends of us all” – and our food and welcoming atmosphere makes Wyoming County a wonderful place to live and/or visit.”

Over a dozen participants responded and three winners were selected to receive Wyoming County Chamber & Tourism Gift Cards.

Highlights of their testimonials are:

Kate E., Attica:

There are so many things about Wyoming County that I love and that draw me into its natural beauty; but one of my favorite things has always been and will always be the Charcoal Corral. Since I was little I have enjoyed the excitement, beauty and pure entertainment of the Corral. From the picturesque views that each of their massive screens back up to, to the amazing food that they have to offer every single guest…to the excitement of playing a round of miniature golf.

Alan H., Lancaster:

Charged with the duty of selecting a restaurant for breakfast for a group of friends gathering in Wyoming County this morning, I consulted a dear friend with intimate knowledge of all things WYCO and my favorite food groups.  Without hesitation, he relayed that he had heard good things about Mack's bait shop, boat livery and restaurant down on the shore of Silver Lake.  As a fan of everything not tied in to some global corporate franchise, I seek out of the way diners to experience the variety of menu offerings offered by the independent joints.  After being welcomed by the owner/server and cook all rolled into one person, we learned of what seemed to be a dozen breakfast specials being offered today.  Regardless or who ordered what we all enjoyed our meals immensely.  I can safely say that no one was disappointed with our first visit to Mack's.  Two members of the group had been questioning why we were driving so far for "eggs" on the ride to Silver Lake we're overheard making plans to return on the ride home.   I know I'll be back as there seems to be at least eight more breakfast specials I can't wait to try!

Melissa F., Wyoming:

Buds Deli in Warsaw has amazing daily specials with fun people taking our orders. Lantz's Bulk Foods up on the hill is another fun lunch stop where we are greeted by friends and friendly staff. Of course we love the food on Fridays at the Wyoming Inn. When we aren't out stuffing our faces at fun establishments we are also enjoy driving through at Yummies in Warsaw for some ice cream or grabbing a pizza and some subs from The Gainesville General Store on the way over to and help her son and future daughter in law work on their new house. On sunny days we head out on her boat at Silver Lake and make some waves with big smiles on our faces, then we relax at her campsite at the lake. The Charcoal Corral is just a short drive away when we are ready for some mini golf and ice cream or some huge chicken wings.

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