New Beautiful Sidewalks Coming Soon!

Arcade Is Open For Business

Main Street Arcade is in the process of getting new sidewalks!

The completion of this project will create a more walkable community – in the meantime – Arcade’s downtown culinary & retail district is still open for business (and they miss you, so go say hi).

The Village has plenty of unique eateries & retail space – so pay them a visit by parking in the Municipal parking lot off of Church Street, across from Pioneer Elementary School.

Construction & Parking / Business Access

To reward you for your adventuring, you’ll experience these wonderful businesses: 

You're Sweet, Treat Yourself:

  • 49 Coffeehouse & Eatery - get specialized coffees, sweet treats, sandwiches & more. Their breakfast waffles are SO GOOD.
  • CakeEaters Bakery - enjoy a myriad of baked goods, like cookies, brownies, scones, cinnamon rolls, pies, cupcakes & more. The cheesecake brownies and cinnamon rolls are AWESOME.
  • Cup of Grace Tea & Coffeehouse - pick up specialized coffees, baked goods & more. Regular events take place, so follow them for deets! Try the bubble tea & chilled chai tea!

Pies, Cookies, Coffee & More!

Take Yourself Shopping:

Fun with Fabric

Get Grub and Sip Wine:

  • Kettle Corn Kreations - a myriad of unique kettle corn flavors, as well as candy. Sweet, savory and surprising (dill pickle anyone?!)
  • Main Street Winery - purchase a variety of wines made in Arcade, from sweet to semi-dry and dry are available. The tasting room is open!
  • Marcos Pizza & Subs - enjoy a slice of pizza - or try a Marco special including the Marco Burger (a quarter-pound burger wrapped in dough and baked) and their pizza pockets (pizza fillings inside dough balls).

Gourmet Popcorn
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