Barn Quilt Trail

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The Wyoming County Barn Quilt Trail began in 2016 thanks to the efforts of local citizens, businesses and artisans seeking to introduce visitors to their magnificent works of art. 

There are many barn quilts in Wyoming County, over 80 of which are highlighted in this trail. Each quilt is unique, and has a name reflecting its purpose and message. It not only stands alone as a beautiful piece of artwork, but its placement on the home or business makes it an integral focal point of the spectacular landscape found throughout Wyoming County!

As you enjoy the barn quilts, explore more of Wyoming County by visiting our spectacular attractions, including Letchworth State Park (the #1 State Park in the USA!), Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, Arcade & Attica Railroad, Charcoal Corral, and much more!

To request a Wyoming County Barn Quilt Trail Brochure, contact the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism at (585) 786-0307, via email at or by filling out our online form.  Too excited to wait? Download our brochure electronically or plan your adventure now!

Also - visit our Barn Quilt Trail Facebook page and share stories, pictures and your experiences visiting these gorgeous works of art!

Barn Quilt Trail Installation

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