Education & History at Letchworth State Park

Glen Iris Inn at Letchworth State Park

Glen Iris Inn

Formerly the country estate house of William Pryor Letchworth, the Glen Iris Inn has welcomed guests as a country inn since 1914.  The Inn overlooks the magnificent Middle Falls in Letchworth, plummeting deep into the Genesee River Gorge – and serves as the premiere lodging and dining experience within Letchworth State Park.  Enjoy lunch, dinner and/or drinks on the veranda – walk-ins welcome! The Inn is open from April to October, so book your room now by visiting their website or by calling (585) 493-2622. More Details.

Stone Arch Bridge

Constructed in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the 46-foot-long stone arch bridge stands 35 feet above the Genesee River, and serves as the only pedestrian crossing of the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park.

William Pryor Letchworth Museum in Letchworth State Park

William Pryor Letchworth Museum

The Stone Museum is located across the road from the Glen Iris Inn and contains artifacts and information about the park, the native people that inhabited the Genesee River Valley area, and the life of William Pryor Letchworth. More Details.


Council Grounds at Letchworth State Park

Council Grounds

Located on the bluff above the Glen Iris Inn at Letchworth State park, the Council Grounds consist of two dwellings.  The first being a Revolutionary War-era Seneca Council House. The second cabin belonged to Mary Jemison, the White Woman of the Genesee, which was built in 1800 and originally stood on the Gardeau Flats by the Genesee River.

Humphrey Nature Center at Letchworth State Park

Humphrey Nature Center

The Humphrey Nature Center opened at Letchworth State Park in June 2016 and offers year-round environmental education opportunities for school groups, scouts, youth organizations, and the general public. The center focuses on the main topics of interest around the park, including geology, wildlife and botany. The building is open daily 10:00AM – 5:00PM. Outside you will find an outdoor classroom, butterfly garden, a bird observation station, and sustainable features such as solar panels and a cistern for collecting rainwater. For more information, call (585) 493-3680. More Details.

Enjoy virtual classes provided by the Humphrey Nature Center:

Mount Morris Dam
Mt. Morris Dam in Letchworth State Park

Mt. Morris Dam & Recreation Area

The Mount Morris Dam & Recreation Area is a major flood control project and public park located on the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park. The dam is situated deep in the Genesee River Gorge and the adjoining recreation area offers a variety of recreational opportunities to the visiting public.

Walking Tour Schedule: April - October, Monday through Thursday at 2:00 p.m., and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Register for your tour by clicking here.

The Tour of Mount Morris Dam is ideal for active visitors with an interest in engineering and natural resource management. This popular ranger guided walking tour lasts approximately 1 hour and includes a steep 1 mile trek into the Genesee River Gorge to the top of the Mount Morris Dam. From the top of the dam, there are great photo opportunities and amazing views of the gorge from a unique perspective.

After a short informational talk, the group will take an elevator down 200 feet into the dam, and then walk through a tunnel way (5’ wide x 7’ high) to explore the structure. At the end of the tour, the group will return to the top of the dam by elevator and walk back up the steep pathway to the Visitor Center where they may explore informational exhibits to learn more. 

Be prepared for the weather; about half of the walking tour takes place outdoors. This is a walking tour. Wear comfortable shoes. We walk 1 mile round trip on a sloped roadway, which descends/ascends 100 feet in elevation ‘down to’ and ‘up from’ the top of the dam on a 10% grade. The temperature inside the dam will be between 40°F and 50°F year round. 

Tickets for ranger-guided walking tours are available up to 7 days in advance beginning at 10:00am EST and until 8:00am on the day of the tour.

  • 6103 Visitor Center Rd, Mt Morris, NY 14510
  • (585) 658-4790
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